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Shawl Soyak

Almost half a kilo of the finest yak wool woven without patterns. Free of dyes. Only available in natural yak colors (shades of brown) which work perfectly as base color. Shawl Soyak's simplicity, elegance, and minimalism mean it will never go out of fashion. Yak wool is a naturally long-wearing fiber making shawl Soyak a staple in your capsule wardrobe.

Scarf Iname

Made from the finest cashmere out there and weighing mere 85 grams scarf Iname is exquisitely fine & absolutely gorgeous. The finespun transition of colors - like a perfect symphony. Each piece takes more than a week of craftsmanship. It truly captures the creative spirit of artisans, their passion and dedication. Bring some magic and joy of colors - a great addition as a seasonal piece to your minimalist wardrobe.


We are a slow fashion brand with a passion for chic & minimal style that will last for years to come, very much reflecting our Swedish roots. We want to bring the joy of handmade clothing made from the highest quality natural fibers. Every time you buy our product we want you to feel confident that you made a conscious and guilt-free choice.

We strongly believe in the good of slow, conscious and ethical fashion. We are committed in promoting moderate consumption and only work with mindful and purposefully designed handmade apparels and accessories made in small batches in Nepal by carefully vetted suppliers who provide safe working conditions and living wage to the artisans they employ. We only use high quality natural fibers like: cashmere (responsibly sourced), yak wool, silk and bamboo in our products - good on the environment and people.